Gianluca Ginoble [By: Elio D’Ascenzo]

Recognition to Piero Barone - Campobello di Licata, Italy.

C’e’ solo l’amore… We Are Love

Il Volo at Greek Theatre, Los Angeles (By: Jasmine Baeza)

Gianluca Ginoble - Montepagano Jazz Festival

400 followers!!! Thank you so much!

I still can not believe my blog has grown so fast, it was a sudden jump and all thanks to you. Every time I’m going to make a new post I think of my wonderful followers and suddenly I’m very motivated. This is for all of those who love and who fly with Il Volo day by day!

Thanks again incredible IlVolovers! Love you all so much!

Il Volo - FICH Ciudad Juárez, México (By:Mezonia)